The Andrew Clark Trust

Registered Charity in England Reg. No. 1104134

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to go to school, the right to fulfil their potential, thus enabling them to break the cycle of poverty, and that they have access to free healthcare.

School and Library

The Vera Thomson English School

The Andrew Clark Trust built a small school to teach English free to all, in memory of Sue's mother Vera Thomson, who took a keen interest in the children of Lintha village.

The Vera Thomson English School has now been refurbished, and all the walls, shutters and doors have been changed from bamboo to wood. We have also been able to purchase a television and DVD player to aid teaching. This has proved a great success and caused great excitement with the children.

The Friendship Library

The Andrew Clark Trust opened a library in Lintha Village with books donated by friends in England, and now employs a full time librarian. It is a focal point in the village and approximately 250 children and adults use it every month.

School Motto

If at first we don't succeed, try, try and try again.

School Song

The Lintha kids that's who we are
Our teachers come from near and far
We're learning English everyday
`cause if we learn, we'll make our way.

We can get it if we really want
We can get it if we really want
We can get it if we really want
But we must try, try and try,
We'll succeed at last.

At Vera Thomson's English School
You meet us daily `cause we're no fools,
We like to write, to read and to draw,
Especially singing - that's for sure!

At 7 o'clock the school begins
We're always eager to learn new things,
If spelling, grammer, or sometimes a test,
We're always there to give our best!

Written by
Jochen Meissner
Volunteer English Teacher
May, 2006